Client Reviews

Kylie is an excellent trainer. My dog and I have been under her skillful training for over and year and it has been a great experience. I had a crazy little dog who is now well behaved. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in helping their dog be a better companion and citizen in their community. -Barbara via Facebook

I started training with Kylie about a year ago. I had already done a considerable amount of training on my own with my puppy (6 months at the time), but I needed to practice around other dogs in a controlled environment and I needed someone to point out any minor mistakes I was making.¬†We took a class with her and it was just what I needed. She was there for me when I was frustrated with his adolescent behaviors, she pointed out when I was practicing in patterns that my puppy would figure out or when my body position was affecting his ability to figure something out, and she helped us through any issues we had. We also learned some great new games to help making training practice fun! Now we are in her Canine Good Citizen class and he continues to improve and we continue to learn new games. I can’t believe how far we have come! Not only is my pup well behaved, but my pup LOVES his Auntie Kylie! -Kate via Yelp!

Whenever we try anything new, I check in with Kylie asking for her expertise! I prefer to have her physically present and advising me in many learning situations with my husky and my bully bred mix. -Heidi via Facebook