About Kylie

Kylie spent the majority of her life dreaming of becoming a veterinarian. She grew up bottle feeding kittens, caring for her family’s menagerie which included rabbits and guinea pigs, and trying to make homemade dog treats when her mom wasn’t looking. At eight years old she began dreaming of horses, collecting magazines and making collages for hours with her friends. She was introduced to working with horses when she was given the opportunity at 12 years old to begin volunteering with Earth Connections, a group who mainly works to conserve wildlife and other natural resources, but also works with at risk youth by pairing them with horses in a program known as Horses Heal. From there, she began teaching riding lessons for Fun with Horses, then began working for D-Star Western Training, learning to break and train horses in return for grooming, lounging, and saddling horses for western pleasure trainer Denise Schreyer. She then spent a few years at M&D City Ranch, learning to drive miniature horses and Shetland ponies, and train for driving and in hand competitions. A friend who is active in rescue gave her her first chance at horse ownership in 2008, when they rescued a little Premarin filly whom they named Bella. In 2010, Kylie was looking for a new job to support Bella while she was in college, and found an opportunity to be a dog trainer for a retail company. She was excited to learn more about animal behavior, thinking how useful it would be in her eventual career as a veterinarian and having no idea that this would become a passion that consumed her life. She became a Senior Dog Trainer for the company, and began training the new dog trainers for her district and others nearby. As time went on, she became obsessed with animal behavior, and gone were the days where she went back to training horses part time while learning everything she could about dog behavior and training. She became Premium Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a Professional member of the Pet Professional Guild, and a member of the Southern California Dog Trainers Forum, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator before starting her own company. One of her huge passions is helping those with invisible disabilities train service dogs to assist them. As a service dog handler herself, she understands the issues and challenges that can arise and loves helping people to overcome their disabilities and function as a normal member of society. She currently competes in Rally Obedience and Conformation with the AKC, and is training in agility, herding, and dock diving.

Kylie currently has two horses: Bella, her PMU rescue, and Maverick a BLM mustang; and four dogs, Layla, an Australian Cattle Dog cross, Lily, a bully breed mix, Loki, a Husky/German Shorthaired Pointer cross, and Levi, an Australian Cattle Dog.