Day Training

Are you too busy to keep up with homework from your class or private lesson?

Is your dog under stimulated and bored while you’re at work or school?

Are you tired of getting home from a long day and being greeted by a hyper pup when you’re just ready to relax?

Do you wish there was an alternative to doggy daycare, which is not appropriate for many pets?

We’ve combined dog sitting with training to bring you Day Training, where your trainer will come to your home while you’re at work and practice everything your pet is currently working on, as well as introduce some fun new activities and skills. Dogs will be physically and mentally exercised, and you will receive a text message or email (your choice!) detailing what was done, for how long, and how your pet did. Day training is available for both private training and group training clients. We will also occasionally (with your permission) go on field trips to work around distractions, such as to the stables to see horses and other farm animals, or to the pet store!