Group Classes

Group Classes are a great option for many owners. If you’re looking to advance your dogs training around distractions, if you like to use training time also as an opportunity to meet new people, or if you’re just looking for a low stress activity to have fun with your dog with, sign up for one of our fun group classes today! All Classes include: unlimited text and email support, flexible scheduling, a safe environment for you and your pet, and a graduation present upon completion. All classes also qualify your puppy (under one year) for the puppy star program by the AKC.  

Benefits to signing up for one of our classes:

  • All classes are taught by a qualified trainer who interacts with hundreds of dogs per month and has experience preventing and solving nearly every issue
  • Classes qualify for the puppy star program by the AKC
  • You and your pup learn in a real life environment


  • Puppy 1: 8-24 weeks old, at least one set of shots completed a week prior to beginning sessions
  • Adult 1: 24 weeks or older, rabies shot completed
  • Puppy 2: Puppy 1 completed, rabies shot completed
  • Adult 2: Adult 1 or Puppy 2 or equivalent completed
  • CGC: Adult 2 or equivalent completed
  • Public Manners (not offered in store): Adult 2 or equivalent completed or instructor approval

Other requirements:

  • All dogs must be friendly with both dogs and people and have no history of aggression
  • Owners must show proof of age-appropriate vaccinations and/or titer tests before the first class starts.
  • All dogs must be on a flat collar or harness and six foot leash at all times unless clearly specified by the instructor

All classes are offered on a six week curriculum. Classes are $119 for one course, or $209 for two six week courses. Free puppy socialization seminars are available most weekends. Puppies must have proof of required vaccines, under 6 months of age, and free of aggressive behaviors to attend.

Petco Montclair : 9137 Central Ave