Private training


Is your dog distracted by other dogs or people?

Does he panic in a public setting?

Do you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to commit to a regular class time?

Do you have specific needs that may not be able to be fully addressed in a group environment?

If so, private training may be right for your pet.

We offer one on one training lessons right in your home, or in a public place if you prefer. We will give you the knowledge and skills that you need to be able to work with your dog between sessions, where basic skills we may cover include Handling Skills, Name Recognition, Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come, Wait, Leave It, Drop It, Loose Leash Walking, Touch, and Relaxation Skills. We will also set up a thorough potty training schedule and discuss nutrition, vaccines, socialization, and spaying and neutering. More specialized sessions may include behavior modification for fear and reactivity, and off leash reliability. We also offer service dog training for eligible persons, task training as well as public access training, and specialize in psychiatric disabilities.